Custom Solutions
For Your Event

Create an experience everyone will remember by enhancing the visitor experience with custom designed and built displays and signage that will make your tournament or event stand out from the rest.

From Custom designed Floating Monuments, tee backs and course signage to anything you can dream up to enhance your tournament experience, EVO SPORTS can do. Any where in the country, EVO SPORTS will bring a team of qualified professionals and specialized equipment to help set up and create anything you require from start to finish.

Call EVO SPORTS today and see how we can help your tournament grow!

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Solutions. On and Off the Course.

Customize. Create something Unique!

From custom designed and built monuments on both land and water, informational and advertising displays, exhibits and visitor photo shot spots and even chill and sun-care stations, family fun zones and hospitality venues to custom tent graphics both inside and out, EVO Sports has a team of professionals that can help you dream, design, build and install any type of sign, graphic or display you can dream of.

So let's start thinking outside the (tee) box and see what we can dream up to make your tournament or event a truly unique and memorable experience.

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Entrances. Greet your guests with style!

The entrances to your tournament, event, or exhibit are the first thing your guests see upon arrival to their destination. Greet them with style by creating a custom entrance experience.

Whether a main entrance or an entrance to an exhibit, let EvoSports tailor a grand entrance to enhance your guests experience.

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Directional and Exhibit Signage. Enhance Your Image and Experience

On-course signage is key to your presentation. Customized exhibit signage and Strategically placed directional and informational signs will enhance your visitors experience.

Our team of highly experienced tournament and event professionals will review your location and help identify and solve any potential problems and recommend a best fit solution based upon their assessment.

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On-Course? Of Course! Tee-Backs, Tee Markers and Yardage Signs

Custom designed monument style tee-backs, traditional post and board tee-backs or a custom design of your choosing are a great backdrop for your tee boxes. Present your brand and your tournament in a visually stunning and recognizable presentation. Custom designed hole yardage signs inform visitors, present your brand and offer a great location for sponsorship recognition as well.

Customized tee-markers and tee-backs can enhance your TV and photographic appearances and present sponsors in an up-front and highly visible manner.

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Expo and Hospitality Tents. Create a Unique Branded Experience

Treat your guests and enhance your brand image at the same time. Let your guests know who you are and that their experience is important to you. Build out Expo tents, create customized hospitality tents and spruce up your merchandise tents with customized graphics and more.

Promote your branding in new and exciting ways, build and enhance your tournament or event by providing your guests a customized experience tailored to them by you.

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Military Appreciation. Show Your Support For Our Troops!

What better way to show your support for our men and women in uniform. Show everyone that you support our military by dedication an entire hole or pavilion to our veterans both past and present. Always popular among tournament attendees, Military Appreciation never goes unnoticed and is always looked upon favorably by all.

Whether a small pavilion, or a full blown hole presentation, EVO Sports can design and build a dedication that will show your appreciation with style and flare. Let us help you let everyone know that most these honorable men and women are deserving of our utmost respect and gratitude!

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Tent Graphics and Banners. Inside and Out.

Liven up any tent or bleacher with custom graphics. EVO Sports will help you design and install many types of tent graphics and bleacher banners including tent walls and roofs not to mention our most popular tent graphic… the gable end. Utilize this highly visible graphical real-estate to present your brand or sponsor and make your tents both functional and most importantly highly visible.

The possibilities are endless. Let EVO Sports and their team of highly professional experts help you design and present your ideas in new and innovative ways.